Monday, June 30, 2014

Once upon a time. . .

. . . there was a blog. It was never especially brilliant, but it was alive. Not only was it alive but it was full of life, mostly because it was full of Asha. Asha actually means life in Swahili and perhaps something similar in Arabic (at least that's what a Saudi studying in Santiago told me a week ago). Having just returned from a month in Spain, I can honestly say that Asha carries a real magic within her. I can't explain it, but there is just something amazing about that kid that draws everyone to her. Of course, what I'm saying is not much different than what a lot of parents think about their children. And that's great. What I'm saying about Asha is not in reference to any other child or an attempt at self-congratulations. This post may be a failed attempt at resurrecting a feeble blog that barely existed before, but one way I know how to put more good into the world is to share the joys of knowing and loving Asha Scout Wade. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past month:

On her way to conquer Spain!
 There's nothing like a limón granizado at El Retiro
At the Alcázar in Segovia
 Monarchy or Republic?
 Asha loves street performers and they love her.
Having a few monedas on hand became a must.

Kickin' it with the boys
Taking our love of Argentina to the end of the world (Finisterre)
Beachcombing in Galicia
She usually poached food, but occasionally Asha hit the students up for finer things
 Em contemplating the end of the world (Finisterre)


Julie said...

These pictures are intensely wonderful. I agree, she has some magic mojo in her.

rawhide said...

So, I was stalking people at work and found your guys' blog....and now I have something to read in the middle of the day or night when I'm bored. Fun adventures!